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My name is Sagar Bhandari, I guess I am a traveller, engineer, thinker, aspiring story teller and film maker maybe

I really don’t know

But i do know that the story started with a kid who grew up in Himalayas, as high and beautiful they were I felt trapped and left with so many questions left unanswered. And like so many of us i like to travel for an answer .

But I wanted to do things differently.

My whole life I spent on studying, trying to be a better student leading to an engineer as that was the most promising job one could have and support a family in harsh Himalayan nation.

Very little experiencing and living the passion murmuring inside.

So, I ever got an opportunity to travel I wanted to meet people, to find my self in the adventures as wild as I would read on books and indulge in cultures other than my own. So when the tiny window of opportunity arrived I did, I fell in love with the people I was meeting, with humanity, and its many different ways of life.

I wanna share with you my adventures but more than that the people I meet and the stories they tell.

Because when u get to know someone else, u start to see the world through their eyes. And with that perspective we become little more understanding, respectful, and loving towards one another and what a better way to kick start these adventures around the world than with …..

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I am a traveller first, and a lifelong storytelling enthusiast. Got an idea for us to work together me? Let’s talk.

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three crumpled yellow papers on green surface surrounded by yellow lined papers